About Vanquish Fat Removal System

Woman all over the world are getting ready for summer, hours at the gym and counting every calorie. We all have heard of liposuction but we all know the recovery time involved with that and we just don’t have that much time. Recently at the American Academy of Dermatology in Miami Beach a new  fat reducing procedure was introduced, Vanquish.

Who made vanquish?

Vanquish is a Czech made device which uses focused field radio frequencies to melt the fat away. The device never touches your body and has little to no side effects. You lie under the device which is positioned around your stomach, love handles and back. The sensors in the device read your body fat so it can customize the amount of energy used. The treatment is 30 min long and requires you to have a total of four treatments.

How does it work?

Vanquish heats your skin to 101 degrees and the underlying fat to 120. One patient describes it as warm and says it feels like you are standing in front of a radiator. Vanquish can cause redness and swelling for a few days after the procedure but no pain. You are required to drink lots of water to help your body get rid of the dead fat cells. And unlike many types of liposuction there have been no complaints of nerve pain, or damage to the top and middle layers of the skin, muscles, hair follicles or internal organs.

How much fat can I lose?

On average 59% of abdominal fat was destroyed after four treatments, and all patients saw a visible difference after the first treatment. Most patients lost an average of 2-3 inch’s on there waist. Vanquish kills the fat cells, not just the fat within the cells which helps the results to be long lasting.

How much does it Cost?

Vanquish is only intended to treat the areas I already mentioned, so for the four required 30 min  treatments its estimated to be about $2000.00.