Vanquish Fat Removal System A New Alternative To Liposuction

As bathing suit weather is fastly approaching woman all over are looking for ways to help vanish that unwanted fat. Vanquish Fat Removal System is a new procedure to get rid of fat without all the pain meds and incisions. You start by laying under an apparatus which is positioned around the areas being treated. Each treatment is 30 min long and requires four sessions. Vanquish heats the skin to 101 degrees and the underlying fat to 120. There will be some redness and swelling for the first few days. You are required to drink plenty of water before and after each procedure to help with the elimination of the dead fat cells.

Patients noticed a visible difference after the first treatment but after the fourth the average was at least a two-inch waist reduction. Early research indicates that there have been no problems of nerve pain and no damage to the top and middle layers of the skin, muscles or hair follicles. Vanquish is only intended for treatments on the back, love handles and stomach. This procedure is estimated to cost about $2000.00 for four treatments. Vanquish was previewed at the recent American Academy of Dermatology in Miami which has gotten a lot of buzz.

To learn more or find a physician in your area, please email us directly at info@vanquishfatremovalsystem.com and we will send you a list. Please let us know where you are located and a good number you can be reached.